What Makes Someone Cool?


Some guy just got off the tram and winked at me through the window. He looked like an american Harry potter minus the underdeveloped facial structure. 

He was wearing a ripped up graphic T, jean shorts each leg a different length, and a leather jacket sporting all types of lethal appendages. Totally 430 Kings Road, London's Libertines, rundown rock and roll, grungy London bathroom in the 60's. attitude.  

So, what is it about this rocked-out Gryffindor housed look alike that made him so cool? The guy could have been wearing a skirt for all I care (which is so in btw), and my cool-dar would have been due East. Similar to Glen Matlock, Billie Idol, Johnny Rotten, and David Bowie this man knew how to wear his clothes, not the other way around. Encapsulating this feeling of grungey-resiliance is Saint Laurents Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear designed by Hedi Slimane. Smudged "mornings night out" black eyeliner, cigarette thin pans, metallic jackets and a DGAF attitude made these gangly models more than justโ€ฆ.cool, in fact were mental for Slimane's rockabilly revival. As pointed toe booties bookmarking stick thin legs and the occasional candy apple pout were sent down the runway  we couldn't help but have high hopes for what is to come of the Saint Laurent name, sans the Yves.

"Oh its a nice day to START AGAAAAINNN" thank you Hedi Slimane, we applaud your genius.