My dream work space made possible by Ward Warehouse. "Work It!" published in Forward Journal

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This desk took four people (three women and one man), two dolly's, and a breakfast burrito to load into an SUV. The desk, from Fishcake, is made out of bamboo mats and is timeless in its design. From over 100 retailers throughout the Ward property, this is my adaptation of the perfect work space.

FLUX MAGAZINE - A Royal Hawaiian Summer

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Holy moly! Did my body actually look like that (I'm sure we've all had these moments)? The difference between my physique back then and now might have something to do with my increased (or general) consumption of chips, chocolate, and chocolate. But I find solace in the fact that everything is temporary. A gorgeous or deplorable physique is temporary and changing your physical state is only important if the process makes room for self acceptance and happiness, because ultimately a bag of chips or a super hot body will not bring a lifetime of happiness. However a bag of chips and some cookies and a regular workout routine, I've found, makes me WAY MORE happy and WAY LESS narcissistic than a 6 pack and an incessant obligation to put on my running shoes.

Interested in involving your partner in a fun and challenging workout routine, follow these calorie burning moves provided to you by Sean the Muy Thai fighting personal trainer.